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When Tom & Betty first started out they did not offer food; only spirits. It wasn't until a customer said he was hungry that Betty went across the street and bought a loaf of bread and some bologna. The man said it was the best sandwich he had ever eaten... and the rest is history!

We have overcome many challenges at Tom and Betty's. The most noteworthy of these was the fire of our former Park and Cassat location. We are proud to have survived many hard times and we thank the community for always supporting us!

Tom & Betty's Restaurant uses only the finest meats, cheeses, and produce. Our homemade salads and soups are award winning, our portions are "healthy" and our spirits are, in a word, memorable!

We offer a variety of menu items and are happy to customize any entree, salad, or sandwich to satisfy dietary restrictions, picky eaters, or just creative cooks. If you can create it, we can make it!

Here at Tom & Betty's we aim to please. If there is anything we can do to make your visit better, please let us know!